A rejection, disclaimer, or renunciation of a contract before performance is due that does not operate as an anticipatory breach unless the promisee elects to treat the rejection as a breach and brings a suit for damages. The rejection or refusal of an offered or available right or privilege, or of a duty or relation. The act of a buyer or seller in rejecting a contract of sale either partially or totally. U.C.C. No.No. 2-610, 2-703, 2708, 2-711.
Repudiation of a contract means refusal to perform duty or obligation owed to other party. Pitcher v. Lauritzen, 18 Utah 2d 368, 423 P.2d 491, 493.
Such consists in such words or actions by contracting party as indicate that he is not going to perform his contract in the future. Continental Cas. Co. v. Boerger, Tex.Civ. App., 389 S.W.2d 566, 568.
Repudiation of contract is in nature of anticipatory breach before performance is due, but does not operate as anticipatory breach unless promisee elects to treat repudiation as breach, and brings suit for damages. Such repudiation is but act or declaration in advance of any actual breach and consists usually of absolute and unequivocal declaration or act amounting to declaration on part of promisor to promisee that he will not make performance on future day at which contract calls for performance. Robinson v. Raquet, 1 Cal.App.2d 533, 36 P.2d 821, 825.
In the civil law, the casting off or putting away of a woman betrothed; also, but less usually, of a wife; divorcement.
In ecclesiastical law, the refusal to accept a benefice which has been conferred upon the party repudiating.
See also refusal
@ anticipatory repudiation

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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